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Fangover Mondays Start Jun 17th at 8pm CST

June 14, 2013

It’s Season 6 and TrueBlood on Twitter’s Fangover Mondays are BACK!  This season’s chat sessions are poised to be our BEST EVER!  We have a New Host, a New Format and both Old & New True Blood Season 6 Personalities!

Before we get into the changes to Fangover Monday, TrueBlood on Twitter would like to extend a very special “Thanks” to Char (@musingsbyChar) for fulfilling the chat hosting duties for S4 & S5.  Char did a fabulous job and we definitely appreciate all that she’s done (and continues to do) for the group.

The New Host for Season 6 will be none other than @Eric_ofArea5’s Accountant, Sixx Spellbound (@6sixx6).  How appropriate is it that Sixx will be the Fangover chat host for True Blood Season 6?!

Each week, Sixx will be joined by the guest who had the biggest jaw-droppin’, show stoppin’ WTF Moment.  The guest will receive a Fangover guest invitation after the TrueBlood episode airing.

In the style of “Inside the Actor’s Studio”, Sixx will discuss with our guest the WTF Moment and any other topics that may arise.  After the interview, Sixx will give all of you the opportunity to ask the guest some questions and discuss what’s going to happen next.  This will be a great way for our fans to interact with some of their favorite TBoT personalities allowing us to stay connected to our loyal fan base.

On Monday, June 17th, 8 p.m. CST,

please join TrueBlood on Twitter

for the first Fangover Chat of Season 6!

War is coming

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