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Season 6: Synopses for Episodes 4-7

June 27, 2013

Over on HBOMAX.TV, the synopses for episodes 4-7 have been released:

Episode 4 “At Last”

Sookie confronts her attraction to the mysterious Ben. Eric counters Burrell’s brutal anti-vampire initiatives by hitting his nemesis where it hurts the most. Growing up all too quickly, Andy’s faerie daughters end up keeping dangerous company.

Episode 5 “Fuck the Pain Away”

Hoping to finally learn the truth about her past, Sookie enlists Lafayette to summon her dead parents. Meanwhile, Warlow relives the events that led to Lilith’s turning thousands of years ago. Eric and Tara must rescue Pam.

Episode 6 “Don’t You Feel Me”

With Sookie immune to Bill’s influence after retreating to a plane that can only be accessed by faeries, Bill decides to seek out Lilith for advice. Eric, Pam, Nora, Jason and Jessica get up close to the perverse perils of Vamp Camp.

Episode 7 “World Without End”

Eric pledges allegiance to Bill in a last-resort effort to save Nora. A tragedy close to home forces Sam to ignore Alcide’s warning and return to Bon Temps. Jessica shows her gratitude to James, a fellow incarcerated vamp.

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